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Tricked into Baptism...

I was born and raised in Los Angeles, CA where I still reside today. Born to a single teenage mother in a town named Watts, life wasn't always peaches and cream; however, I have always known there was something "different" about me. But more about that in future entries.

The two constants in my life growing up were school and church. I went to school everyday rain or shine and racked up numerous Perfect Attendance awards. I often exceled in all subjects with the exception of math, still not a strong suit, but hey, we can't all be good at everything in life! As much as I was in school, I felt we spent equal amounts of time in church as well.

Wednesday night Bible Study, Thursday night adult choir rehearsals, all day Saturday rehearsals, everything from youth choir, usher board, program reviews, etc..., on to Sunday morning Sunday school, then morning service, afternoon service, home to eat, then right back again to evening service where a guest Preacher would take the pulpit or we would visit another church to show support for other local Pastors. As much as we were in church, I knew I should get to heaven, I mean, after all, I've clocked enough hours to make it right?

Fast forward to one Sunday where service must have really been good, because one of my uncles gave his life to Christ at the alter call. Seeing him go up and everyone clapping made me smile. At such a young age, I can't remember how old, but I was still in elementary school; I had no clue what that moment meant for him, or what it meant in general as a matter of fact. So, when my mother asked if I wanted to go up front with Ed-Dog (my uncle), the answer was a glee filled resounding YES! As I went up and he pulled me on his lap, I remember everyone standing and clapping for me as well. Hmph, ok, this is kind of awkward, but whatever, I'm hanging out with my fave uncle. Little did I know, what that moment actually meant for my life as well.

OK, fast forward again, back in that day in our church, once you took "the walk" to proclaim your love for Christ and submit to him, you were automatically signing up for Baptism. A few weeks later, that is exactly what happened! During service one Sunday, I was told to change from my regular church clothes, into this all white robe, where our Assistant Pastor picked me up, told me to hold my nose and breath, and then he dunked me in the Baptism pool. Mind you, I can't swim (and still haven't learned) so I immediately thought he was trying to kill me. #smh

Why do people do this? What does this all mean? These questions wouldn't be answered until later in life once I fully understood who Jesus is and accepted him on my terms with clarity of mind. Do I regret the first Baptism, naw, not really. Although, I didn't realize what it meant then, I do feel it has played a large role in my life and how I govern myself always looking to please the Father and not grieve the Holy Spirit. Since then, I have been baptized again as an adult. The difference, I made the choice to give my life to Christ knowing full well what I was entering into. No more blind eyes....

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