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About Us


Based in Los Angeles, CA.

Wear the Promise offers the highest quality faith inspired graphic t-shirts on the market. Our custom-made designs are easily personalized and is what makes our collection of tees standout from the rest of the industry.

About the Designer...

Officially launched in July 2020, Wear the Promise is literally a dream come true. 

In 2019, God began to invade my dreams with visions and I knew I had to get to work! The Bible tells us to share the Gospel and Good News of Jesus Christ.  I created this brand for those who sometimes find it difficult to verbalize the word of God.  When you can’t speak the word, you can wear the word and instantly become a walking witness! 

Wear the Promise was created for Christian introverts, like myself, to be able to boldly share the word of God in style and has evolved into a custom print shop serving the needs of other business owners and faith based organizations.  Our drop shipping service allows our clients to make passive income without the hassle of managing inventory, dealing with suppliers, or standing in long post office lines.

We give our shoppers the option to personalize products in our core line because we believe your faith is as personal as your style!  In keeping with that, we love to see your vision come to life when you partner with us for custom and specially branded apparel and accessories.

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